Why Women have Breast Augmentation


A Reconstructive Surgery Procedure

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is a reconstructive surgery procedure performed on women’s breast for cosmetic reasons.

The surgery either aims to enlarge or reduce the size of the breasts. Other than that, the procedure aims to alter the shape, form, size and the general feeling of the breasts. Admittedly, a woman’s breast is the essence of her feminity and a horde of women would go an extra mile to safeguard the appearance of their upper body.

That said and done, it still doesn’t satisfactorily answer the question as to why women would go to any length to face a plastic surgeon for breast implants. Well, some women are born with predisposition to either large or small breasts. After pregnancy, the breasts either enlarge or sag or lose their former shape in an undesirable way. This prompts women with financial means to undergo breast implants for purposes of reconstruction to restore them to normal size.

breast augmentationIn a nutshell, there are a number of factors that drive women to get breast augmentation. Firstly; some women would want to improve the proportion of their breasts to their own body sizes. As such they aim at making them pleasing to look at. Sagging breasts, too big breasts and so on are unsightly hence the breast implants.

Secondly, breast augmentation is performed to allow the little conveniences of life such as having clothes fit. Large, sagging breasts tend to either stretch the fabric or cause ones clothes shapeless due to their non proportionality

Thirdly-and this is very important, women lose their shape after pregnancy. Mammary glands cause the breasts to enlarged, causing them to sag under the weight of milk. Other factors such as the subsequent weight gain or the advancement in age to a large extent contribute to the problem.

Fourthly, one of the breasts may have some abnormality that may require to be corrected. For instance, one of the breasts may either be smaller or bigger. This lack of uniformity may be a problem that may require the attention of a plastic surgeon.

breat augmentation materialFifthly, some women are into athletics, a career that requires one to be physically fit. Large, sagging breasts may get into the way of a smooth exercise. As a result, any aspiring athletic woman would want to trim their upper body in order to have an all-round figure. By and by, breast implants seem to be the only resort especially if they are sagging.

Sixth, women tend to be self-conscious of their appearance. A woman with either small breasts or large ones would tend to perceive herself as undesirable to men compared to another one with firmer breasts that are proportional. Larger breasts in particular may make one appear older than they really are.

breast surgeryLastly, women may decide to have breast augmentation out of personal choice. This is purely based on their own experiences; desire to change their outlook, regardless of their present states. Granted, women exercise their reproductive rights, of which breast augmentation is one. However, it is important to exercise caution when going under the plastic surgeon’s knife for the procedure.

This is because not all women are suitable candidates for breast augmentation. Various factors come into play when one has to make an informed decision on breast augmentation. Some of them include age, pregnancy, and health status among others. It is vital for women to seek advice from plastic surgeon on whether certain procedures are safe to take.